Mesquite SuperOrb

Take yourself to another plane of wonder with the delicious sweet caramel taste of Mesquite. Enlivened with cranberries, pepitas, sunflower seeds then rolled in coconut sugar, you will wish you found this years ago. The native North American desert dwellers flourished eating stone-ground Mesquite seed-pods. Being rich in amino acids, lysine, potassium, iron, zinc and protein, it is highly effective in balancing blood sugar.

Improves digestion and metabolism. Highly effective in balancing blood sugar.

Organic Ingredients

mesquite (SF), raw cacao powder (SF), maca (SF), lúcuma (SF), agave syrup (SF), chia seeds (SF), oats (SF), cranberries (SF), himalayan salt (SF), coconut sugar (SF), cacao butter (SF), paprika, tahini, pepitas, sunflower seeds